AstroGraphology by Darrelyn Gunzburg


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AstroGraphology: The Hidden Link Between Your Horoscope and Your Handwriting.

Handwriting is more than just a means of communication. Each time you pick up a pen, you create your own art which draws from all the light and dark areas of your natal chart. By learning how to spot your own natal aspects in your handwriting, you will open a whole new door to the hidden potential within your horoscope.

As you begin to understand how your handwriting reflects your natal chart, so you can harness the energy of your predictive work by changing the way you write – and help a difficult aspect to gain a more helpful expression. AstroGraphology synthesises handwriting and astrology in a totally new paradigm that will delight and inspire you with new power to bring change into your life.

About Darrelyn Gunzburg
Originally from Australia, Darrelyn Gunzburg is a professional consulting and teaching astrologer now resident in the UK. She is co-principal of Astro Logos Ltd, a school dedicated to the education and qualification of practising astrologers, and a part-time tutor for the MA in Cosmology and Culture at Lampeter University, Wales. Her astrological publications are: (editor) Under Capricorn: An Anthology of Australian Astrology (1990) and Life After Grief: An Astrological Guide to Dealing with Loss (2004).

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Author: Darrelyn Gunzburg
Format: Paperback, 236 Pages
Dimensions: 166 x 242 x 16mm | 358.34g
Date: 2009
Publisher: Wessex Astrologer Ltd
Language: English
ISBN: 1902405331
ISBN: 9781902405339