Set of Skull Beeswax Candles – Adelaide Hills



Set of Skull beeswax candles adorned with natural crystals

Frighten the living soul out of your guests with this Spooky Halloween Skull Candle set. Includes two skull candles with spooky crystal eyes that shine!

A flashy set of candles that burn so bright casting a shadow throughout the night; perfect for Halloween, spooky parties, or everyday decor!
Place the candles on a suitable container, eg saucer or small tile, light the wick, as the candles burn, their crystal eyes shine ever so bright!

Remember, you may need to trim the tip of the wick as your candle slowly burns down. 

Set of two Candles:
Height: 5.5 cm
Base:   8 cm X 5 cm
Burn Time: Approximately 14 hours each.